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Welcome to Dextro Solution !

Dextro Solution we are a World Class Technology, Provider Firm, We always commiteed help our valueable clients to develop their Electronic base website of bussiness by unleasing exciting new twists on, Familiar Challenges.


Dextro Solution, is a unique web technology services firm with passion for client success. Our relentless accountability, proven technical expertise, and collaborative approach allow us to provide a higher level of quality service on projects of all sizes and complexities, whether it’s a multimillion- dollar workflow solution or the renovation of a Microsite.


Yes, we develop web portals, custom applications, and some of the most creative digital marketing campaigns. But what we really do, and what we’re known for, is building relationships. Dextro Solution has a track record of creating lasting impact in our client’s companies through tailored and carefully designed solutions.

Our Services

  • Web Design and Development

    The foundation of your digital presence is your website. We can build it, operate it, and then transfer it to you through a carefully crafted strategy and plan.

  • Mobile Apps Development

    Users expect their digital needs to be easily fulfilled and available within a thumbs reach - 5 years from now, this will be the expectation for 6 billion people globally.

  • Digital Marketing and User Engagement

    Its one thing to be available, but its another thing to make your audience aware, interested, informed, bought-in and advocating your business. digital servicing is

  • User Experience and Interface Designs

    Transitioning digital engagements into a personal and an emotional experience is almost anything but codes - it requires a true understanding of a users behavior.

  • Social Media and Reputation Management

    Managing your business will require you to listen, respond and react accordingly through platforms, blogs and forums. It also includes monitoring, analyzing, integrating.

  • Products

    Career portals for government, Fertility clinic management, customer experience solutions such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Social Relationship etc.

  • Content

    Content and context is king. It is undeniable that without having the appropriate textual or media content, your digital presence will become stale - or even worse, irrelevant.

  • Infrastructure

    We offer multiple hosting packages and management alongside our other services. We will also keep a close eye on its performance just in case something goes wrong.

Why Choose Dextro Solution?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons to choose us
  • Collaborative Workforce
  • Workaholism Acceptable Limits
  • Personal Client Support
  • Ambition and Confidence
  • Secure Web Development
  • Realistic and Result Oriented

What People Say's

  " Very responsive (immediate response) friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Asked for constant feedback on work as it was completed, and made adjustments as requested." - Mark Adraison   customer
  " On every level, Dextro Solution exceeded our expectations. We needed a new website in a short period of time and our site up way before the target launch. From start to finish, he was very accessible, patient and covered every detail with excellence. Our staff also received high quality training to enable us to properly manage our site. We highly recommend Dextro Solution!" - Lucia Penelope   customer
  " If i talk about support and Working with a company like Hit Reach allows us to feel confident that our websites and our web development are in safe hands. When we feel confident it allows us to relax and then concentrate on our core business and making money. " - Diyana Florence   customer